About Us


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The world’s best friend deserves the world’s best dog website, and that is us.


DoggieCollective.com aims to give you accurate, well-researched articles which would help you raise the world’s most perfect best friend.

We understand the dilemma of being a pet owner nowadays; whether you are on social media sites or the worldwide web, you are overfed with information about your pets.

A lot of sites will tell you what you need to have, what you should do during unexpected emergencies, how often should you groom them and a lot of other stuff which might not be clear, doable and veterinarian verified.

We in Doggie Collective would like to change that by giving you the most reliable and science-based facts and information about your pets.

Animal Advocacy

Doggie Collective is run by a group of people, who are skilled in terms of raising dogs and who are a big advocate of proper dog training and maintenance.

We team up with various experts such as skilled trainers and behaviorists, veterinarians and even long-term pet parents who can share their years of research and experience in training and raising dogs. We will be your guide from the day you owned that puppy, or you let a rescue dog be a part of your family.

There are no bad dogs here in Dog Collective, and you can expect that your well-loved dog will also be well-behaved within your home and within your community.

Fun and Leisure

We’re not all about training and health! We also make sure that you and your dog enjoy the company of each other. We give lists of must-have toys that stimulate their brain and body, dog essentials that would make crate training less stressful, and recommend tasty dog treats that you can make at home.

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