5 Signs That Your Dog Is Upset

Signs That Your Dog Is Upset

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When you spend a lot of time with your dogs, indeed, you can immediately notice if they had a different mood for that day.

Even if your dog used to be very jolly, playful, and energetic, you may come across a time where your dog feels under the weather.

The emotions of your fluffy pets are not something very easy to decipher. However, if you know their body language, cues, and behavior very well, you can be guided to understand their mood for a day.

An article made by Isadora Baum made a very easy-to-understand guide on how to identify dog blues. In this article, you can take a look at a list of cues that can help you say that your dog is upset:

Your dog is less energetic.

You know how dogs are filled with energy as they jump around the house and play with you. However, one of the signs that your dog is upset is when they lose this energetic vibe it used to have.

Similar to humans, upset or depressed dogs tend to look less enthusiastic and more exhausted.

Your dog is not eating as much as they used to eat

Upset pups also have less appetite. Sometimes, dogs stop eating their favorite treats. They can even go further as to avoiding even drinks.

When dogs neglect mealtime, try being more observant about possible weight changes. This might indicate something more than some emotional changes in your pet.

Your dog tends to hide from you constantly

When dogs are upset, they tend to hide under tight spaces or dark areas. This is one of the most common signs of your dog feeling upset.

Try your best to spend more time with your dog. They might only be playing hide-and-seek with you to get your attention.

Your dog constantly licks its feet

This sign is somewhat a weird thing to look at. But, there is a very logical explanation for it. Dogs lick their own feet constantly if they are upset because this is calming for most dog breeds.

Your dog may be comforting themselves through constant grooming or licking of their feet.

Your dog is less interested when meeting their closest humans or dog buddies

Despite being a very friendly pet, dogs feeling uninterested in spending time with you or other dogs might mean some problems. They may even refuse to play with you or go on walks.

So, there are many ways to know if your dog is upset. Try your best to give your dog more attention, make them feel relaxed and comforted, and of course, give them a generous amount of their favorite treats.

However, this does not rule out the fact that medical concerns might be an underlying cause of the upset feeling.

It would be best to identify and rule out other health concerns so that you can ensure that your beloved pup will be doing well.

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