Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails

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Do you often see your dog wag its tail? You must be worried that there might be something wrong with your pet. More so, you probably wonder and ask yourself, ‘Why do dogs wag their tails?’

If you are new to dog raising, there are probably more things you need to know and that’s what this article is written for.

You will discover 5 of the great reasons why dogs indeed, wag their tails.

Whether it’s their behavior or mood that tells why you will further understand the meaning of your favorite animal’s wagging.

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails? What you need to know?

Dogs are undeniably among the best animals to care for, as pets.

If you are one of the many with dog as a pet, you will surely agree that these creatures love humans, more than anything.

This probably is one of the reasons you’re giving a dog a small space in your house.

Not to mention a little time of your day, right?

And, who would have thought that with a little time and space you give this playful animal, it gives you all the space in its heart.

It can even spend all day playing with you!

Undoubtedly, dogs are just beyond pets. They are a part of a human’s life, too.

And for your dog, he considers you as his life—not just a part of it, but his very own life.

Dogs living with humans for quite some time have already adapted to the former’s life.

They’ve perfectly understood their raiser (whom they consider their best friend) in terms of moods and emotions.

That is why if you notice, your dog does everything to make you happy whenever you’re sad.

And, when you come home, don’t you notice your dog wagging his tail as he receives you?

So, really now, why do dogs wag their tails? Here are some of the reasons:

5 Reasons Why Dogs Wag their Tails

  1. If the wagging is a broad swishing wag, your dog is showing an unchallenging and friendly wag. And when it’s slight, it is a gesture for a new meeting—more of a wait-and-see gesture. One of the reasons that answer, why do dogs wag their tails is that, when a slow wag of the tail held at half-mast is unbiased, it indicates that your pet is neither anxious nor excited.
  2. One important thing to note for new dog raisers is that dogs do not wag their tail when they’re alone. Studies have already proven that wagging is a kind of behavior for dogs, which they display when they are around others.
  3. Dog wagging takes place for various reasons. It may mean curiosity, an exercise, or merely an entertaining activity. So, why do dogs wag their tails? It can also be a part of their usual destructive instinct. If you see your dog chasing his tail excessively, you might want to check for fleas. Many dog experts perceive that dogs that regularly run in circles and chase their own tail may also be suffering from OCD.
  4. Dog tails, are indeed, awesome especially that they help dogs in swimming. Some dogs can amazingly use their tail as their controller in the water. Retriever breeds, particularly, are good at this.
  5. If you haven’t found the answer to your ‘why do dogs wag their tails’ questions, this one might be it: Tail wagging or shaking is considered an acquired ski dogs learn when they are matured or old enough to begin communicating. Typically, it starts at about 45 days old for their age.

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