How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them In Ways They Will Surely Understand

How To Tell Your Dog You Love Them In Ways They Will Surely Understand

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Don’t we all agree that one of the truest forms of love that we can find in this world comes from someone with four paws?

We know that our dogs love us- from the way they wag their tail when they come towards us, to the way they jump up and down when we got home from work to all of the licks and kisses they give us whenever we give them scritches.

Your dog always makes sure that you feel the love that it feels towards us, but how can you clearly express that you love them back?

A dog’s love language

Although it has been proven that dogs understand our language, most of them still can’t comprehend the long sentences that we are saying most of the time. So to make sure that they know that they are loved, here are some simple ways to get the message across.

A touch of pure love

Knowing that a dog’s love language is touch makes it easier to communicate with them.

Scratching your dog’s jaws and their rear end, giving them belly rubs, and rubbing their ears is not just a great way to bond with your dog, but these actions also tell them that you love them.

It has also been stated by Vetstreet.com that touching your dog is beneficial for both humans and dogs since happy hormones like endorphins and oxytocin are released by our bodies when we do this activity.

Just remember that dogs do not really appreciate being hugged, especially around their necks, because they make them feel restrained and in danger.

Your dog might tolerate this, but it’s still better to not do this often.

Positive affirmations with high pitched tone

Positive words keep a heart happy, and this also applies to dogs.

Every morning since I got my dog Oyo, it has already been a habit of mine to greet him ‘Good morning!”. This greeting is so common and simple that we humans don’t get too excited about it, but my dog jumps up and down whenever he hears this from me.

Short and sweet words with high-pitched tones are an effective way to let your dog know that it is loved, so if you do this often to your dog, he definitely knows that you love him.

Talk to them

Dogs are the best listeners in the world, and I can guarantee you that.

The best part about this fact is that whenever we talk to them, they feel loved even if they do fully understand the things that they are saying.

So make it a habit to talk to your dog whenever you can because aside from being able to vent your pains and heartaches out to a trusted furry friend, you would also make them feel loved.

Share your food

You might have experienced that your dog has brought you a toy or even a stick when they want to play or spend time with you.

The fact to that matter is, sometimes, dogs think that these things are their ‘presents’ for you to make you feel loved.

To level with the way that they express their love, you can also share with them your food.

I know that sharing table food has been frowned upon by veterinarians, but healthy snacks like dehydrated jerkies, puppucinos, and fresh fruits would not hurt your dog if you share these with them, as long as it is within their daily caloric requirement.

If you do share your food with your dog, remember to not feed them anything with chocolates, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, avocado, and cooked bones.

Lean on your dog

Dogs are so smart that they can sense it when you are not feeling well or when you are having a bad day.

You can observe that they circle around you or lean on you when you are feeling under the weather. This is their own little way to console their best friend.

But guess what? This is also an effective way to let them feel that they are cherished by us. Lean on them whenever you can and keep them close to make them feel secured, warm, and loved.

Give them some kisses

Having dogs, especially the big ones, give you a free pass to slobbery kisses. Licking your face is one of your dog’s ways to make you feel loved, so they do this to you often.

Now to make them feel loved, you can also give them kisses. Kissing does not come naturally to dogs, so make sure to do this if your dog does not show any signs of aggression.

Make sure to kiss them on top of their head though, because kissing them on their snout is not the most hygienic spot to kiss them.

Nap with them

Napping with your dog shows them that you love them because it is in their nature to rest together with their ‘pack’.

If your dog is resting with you, this means that you have already earned his trust and his love, so napping with your dog is like saying ‘I love you too!’ back at them.

Play with them

Dogs feel loved when you spend time with them, so make sure that you take an hour from your busy schedule to do their favorite kind of activity- may it be walking around the neighborhood or playing fetch in your backyard.

By doing this, you can make your dog feel loved and you can get your daily form of exercise as well.

Give them a loving gaze

When words fall short and you know that your dog is not comfortable in touching them, giving them a loving gaze is enough.

Did you know that dogs actually raise their left eyebrow when they see their owners? A study conducted by Nagasawa, et. al. in 2013 has proven that dogs show specific laterality when they are reunited with their owners.

Doing the same thing towards them will surely tell them that they are loved because they also do that to the humans that they love.

Just be there for them

Last but not the least, and probably the most effective way to show your dog that you love them is your presence.

It doesn’t matter if you have their favorite treat on your hand or not, your presence is enough for them to feel better- and I think that makes them the best.

It should not take hundreds of letters, fancy gifts, and expensive restaurants to let your dog know that they are loved.

Sometimes, just letting them know that you are willing to share an entire lifetime with them is enough.

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