3 Sure Signs That Your Dog Loves You

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Spending time with your fluffy pets can surely be one of the best ways to release stress after a long day at work or school.

When you spend time with your dogs, you tend to strengthen your relationship with them. But, does this feeling reciprocate? Can your dog feel the same way towards you? Let us find out in this article.

Do Dogs Pick A Favorite Person?

When you have a very cuddly pet dog, you tend to feel that they are the most important friend you have in the whole world. But can your dog pick you as their favorite human?

Dogs really do feel a certain tendency to pick a particular human as their favorite. According to Rover.com, the “like attracts like” idea drives dogs to choose their favorite person.

Like humans, people tend to choose their best friend or be very comfortable with people that match their energy and personality. The same principle applies to dogs.

Of course, there may be times where your dog may not notice you as their favorite, and that is completely okay.

You may notice that your timid dog might feel more connected to a similarly introverted person. What you can do, though, is to make sure that you have fun and spend more time with them to help them reciprocate the love.

Do Dogs Understand Your Love To Them?

Dogs are indeed loveable companions. Fortunately, your pet canines are most likely capable of understanding your gestures of love to them.

An article has mentioned how this is possible. Every time you look at your most favorite pooches, your brain’s oxytocin level increases.

This goes the same for your dogs. Both of your oxytocin levels go up, especially if you bond or play together.

How Do Dogs Express Their Love?

Now that you know that your dogs pick a favorite human and understand your gestures of love, how do dogs reciprocate these? Another article has provided a list of ways showing how your pet canines show their love to their humans.

Your dogs will feel very excited when they see you, especially if you have been gone for quite some time.

When you meet again, notice how your dogs jump on you, lick your cheeks, and cheerfully wag their tails.

Sometimes, your dog might go up to you asking for some boops or cuddle. This is how they show their affection: by wanting physical contact with you.

Dogs are indeed a protective species. Because of this instinct, they tend to check on their most loved humans constantly.

When you are busy in the kitchen or doing laundry, you might be surprised to see your dog pop out of nowhere just to see if you are safe.

Dogs sure are lovely buddies. This article has shown you how they can show back love and kindness. So, this is your sign to go and give your pups a nice boop or belly rub.

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