Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

why does my dog follow me everywhere

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Dog’s loyalty is unquestionable. They always want to be around their owner all the time. If you’re wondering why does my dog follows me everywhere? this could be the safest guess.

But sometimes it could be frustrating. This habit is unhealthy for both you and your dog because it might make you trip over and have a sudden visit to the ER and on your dog’s side.

He might be masking shadowing a physical or behavioral problem. If you’re wondering why does my dog follows me everywhere? here are five possible explanations why:

1. Separation Anxiety

Does your dog become alert when you change clothes? Or even when you’re just going to the bathroom?

With constant observation, dogs can learn the cues indicating that their owner is leaving which causes excessive distress.

Shelter dogs are more likely to be “Velcro dogs” or clingy because they’ve experienced being left behind before.

To help your dog’s anxiety, make sure to tend to all his needs before leaving.

Avoid touching and eye contact once you’re ready to go. If their anxiousness is severe, do a five-minute drill first until they get used to an hour and longer.

2. Breed Traits

Some breeds called “working dogs” have been reared for hundreds of years to perform a practical task that requires them to be heavily dependent on their owners.

They observe their master’s smallest cues for direction and guidance.

Originally, herding dogs are breeds that help livestock owners in guiding their flocks; these include Collies, Shelties, Australian Cattle dogs, and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Hound dogs like German Shepard, Dachshund, Saluki, and Bloodhound are another example, they were initially trained by hunters to track and attack prey.

3. Unfulfilled Needs

If your dog is constantly following you everywhere, chances are he needs something from you.

When was the last time that you feed him? Did you take him out for his regular walk? Or maybe it’s time for his potty break.

Take care of all your dog’s needs and if his clingy behavior doesn’t change, try taking him to the vet for your pooch who might be feeling unwell.

4. Curiosity

Dogs are like little children, they are very curious and don’t want to miss any detail happening with you.

For them, following you means discovering something new.

Like when you get home from the grocery, you might find your dog sticking his nose to the grocery bags like he is inspecting what you bought.

Dogs simply enjoy snooping around their owner and they want to be part of everything if they could.

5. Companionship

Over the years, dogs have bonded more with humans than their breed.

Unlike humans who have different relationships like with our parents, siblings, significant other, officemates, classmates, etc.

Dogs only have their owners. They see us as everything and we are their world.

We are our dog’s main source of happiness, and they want to be around that source as much as they could.

There are usually a couple of reasons why your dog follows you everywhere.

Generally, attending to all their needs solves the issue, but if you notice that your dog’s clinginess is getting severe despite doing so, then it might be a sign to talk to the vet because it could be a health problem.

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