How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing Inside the House

How To Stop Your Dog From Peeing Inside the House

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I can assure you that you will have a handful of happy and memorable moments with your dog with the right training and lots of love.

But a part of taking care of dogs is the less happy and exciting things like smelling their pee on your furniture or worse, stepping on their pee inside your home.

Here are some simple solutions on how to stop your dog from peeing inside the house.

How come my dog keeps peeing in the house?

The possible reasons why your dog keeps peeing inside the house may be:

Your dog is trying to leave its mark

Scent marking is prevalent in all types of dog breeds, and it is even more predominant in male dogs.

Contrary to popular belief that they use this to mark their territory, a dog peeing on things is their form of communication to other animals as well. This study states that this behavior allows them to protect their resources and release pheromones- effectively communicating to other dogs without using any words.

Behavioral problems

Even the most well-behaved dogs have experienced behavioral problems at some point in their life- especially dogs who are neglected by their owners since they were puppies.

If your puppy wasn’t potty trained when it was handed to you, it is your responsibility to fix this behavior with them.

Don’t worry, you just have to have lots of patience and your pooch will learn in no time!

Urinary tract infections

Your dog might have an undiagnosed urinary tract infection, and peeing might be one of the symptoms of this disease.

Urinary tract infection or UTI in canids can either be due to etiologic agents (bacteria), predisposing factors, sex, gender, age, and breed.

The signs and symptoms of this disease are hearing them whimpering while urinating, cloudy urine, them licking their urinary opening more often and accidents inside their house.

How can I stop my dog from peeing inside my house?

Try to use these tricks on your dog to stop them from peeing inside your house:

Potty train your dog

Rescue or not, you need to potty train your dog the moment you decide to keep him. It is even suggested by dog behaviorists that the first thing to do once your dog gets in your house is to teach them where it should do its business.

If you prefer to let your dog pee outside, you should spend some time in your backyard first and wait for them to pee before actually going inside.

It will also be helpful for your dog to be crate trained if you work during the day so that they know that it is ok to relieve themselves in the crate if they could not go outside.

Use cleaning solutions that removes the scent of their pee

Dogs often pee on the same spot over and over again, mainly because they can smell their scent there.

So if you want to train your dog and stop them from peeing all over your house, you might want to clean their pee with a solution that includes vinegar, baking soda, or alcohol. These three ingredients can effectively remove their scents without breaking the bank.

Observe their behavior

As its owner, you should be your dog’s advocate. It is a lie that dogs could not speak- yes, they might not be able to articulate their thoughts, but if you spend enough time with them, you would observe that they have their cues of when they want to go out and do their business.

With my dogs, for example, I know when Oyo is about to pee because he would start sniffing on the walls. That is my signal that I need to bring him out to avoid accidents in the house. Mocha, on the other hand, would bark incessantly at me, and then would run towards the door. She would do this routine until I bring her out to pee.

Use pee pads at home

If you don’t have much space in your house where you can train your dog to go potty, the best solution that you can do is to buy pee pads.

Train your dog to pee in absorbent pee pads that you can make at home from old rags, buy from Amazon, or any pet shop in your neighborhood.

For starters, we suggest that you cover all the floors where he stays with pee pads. As the day goes by, start removing them one by one, leaving only the pads where he peed on.

Your dog will then look for its scent on the pee pads and it will be used to peeing on the same spot.

Use doggy diapers

Dogs, especially puppies, sick dogs, and senior dogs, are known to have accidents quite more often than a usual healthy dog does.

And they do not mean to do this to annoy you; they can’t help it too. For puppies, they often urinate everywhere due to excitement; for sick dogs, they might not have the capacity or physical energy to sprint outside to pee, so they peed inside; and for senior dogs, their bladders tend to lose their ability to hold pee longer so they also tend to pee inside more often.

You don’t have to stress over this, or even put them into a shelter and get rid of them. You can use doggy diapers to fix this.

There are a lot of dog diapers that you can buy online, or you can even make one on your own so that you won’t have to clean up after your dog’s mess all the time.

Neuter your dog

Male dogs are the ones who are famous for peeing on everything. I know they do, Oyo even pees at me whenever he wants to. It is annoying at first, but it is funny to me now.

There’s nothing to worry about this behavior, as male dogs really do this, especially if they are not neutered, as they are still constantly looking for partners.

If you are not planning to have your dogs mate with other dogs, you should consider neutering them. It is a quick and safe procedure that could even save them from other diseases like canine prostate cancer.

Consult your vet

Consulting a licensed veterinarian didn’t make the list above, as constant peeing or not, you should regularly see your vet to make sure that your dog is healthy.

Potty problems are considered normal in dogs, but if you have already trained them and did everything that you can to train them where to do their business, maybe it’s time to consult a professional and have your pet checked.

In Conclusion

Taking care of a dog isn’t about rainbows and cuddles all the time- most of it includes training them, bringing them to the vet, giving them a bath, and cleaning up after the mess they made. It sure isn’t easy, but from one fur parent to another, I can guarantee you that it’s all worth it!

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