How To Make Your Dog Smell Good

How To Make Your Dog Smell Good

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Tried everything and still wondering how to make your dog smell good? A smelly dog can make your home feel less comfortable.

It also one of the most common reasons that make people think twice about owning a dog.

But keeping your dog’s coat clean is not just good for you. It’s also important for your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Why does my dog smell?

There are many reasons your dog may have an unpleasant odor. It could be from flatulence or bad breath.

It could also be from the animal stepping or rolling in feces, or other unpleasant items outside.

Some dogs also love to get into the garbage so before we tackle how to make your dog smell good, invest in a good trashcan that cannot easily be opened by your pet.

It’s a worthwhile investment as there may be other items in the trash that are unsafe for dogs to digest. 

You should do the following things if you really want to know how to make your dog smell good:

  • Clean your dog’s ears
  • Comb or brush your dog every day
  • Brush your dog’s teeth and give them dental chews
  • Change their food to a brand with more natural ingredients
  • Take your dog for regular exercise and bathroom breaks to encourage good gut health
  • Wash your dog’s bedding and fabric toys every week

Invest in some good quality dog shampoo

Before you begin to tackle the best way of how to make your dog smell good, go to a specialist pet store or your local vet clinic to purchase some good quality dog shampoo.

You want the correct kind of shampoo for the coat of your breed of dog.

You could also invest in a coat conditioner, to help detangle their fur and leave it soft and shiny.

Always follow the instructions on the bottle and don’t exceed the recommended amount to use, as too much can irritate a dog’s delicate skin under their fur.

Bath time

Decide where you are going to bathe your pup. It could be that you have a suitable bathroom, but it’s also worth considering doing it outside in the garden with a hosepipe.

Make sure you choose a warm day so your pooch doesn’t get too cold. Never apply hot water to your dog.

Instead, you should use warm water. It’s important to wet your dog all the way to their skin before you apply the dog shampoo.

Apply some shampoo into your hands and then shampoo from the top of their neck to the end of their tail.

Run your fingers around the outside of the legs, chest, belly, as well as the rest of their body.

Don’t shampoo your dog’s ears and eyes. Gently rinse the shampoo with warm water.

Then encourage your dog to shake the water off.

This is much more easily done in the yard, but if you are bathing them indoors, make sure to have a couple of large old towels to hand to shield yourself and the rest of your bathroom from the spray that ensues!

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Dry your dog right away

If you want to really know how to make your dog smell good, then make sure you dry your pooch thoroughly after their bath.

Leaving their coat to dry naturally can allow bacteria to fester and multiply in their fur.

Start by towel drying them, being careful to go gently around their ears, eyes, and mouth.

Then use a hairdryer to finish drying their fur. Don’t use a setting that is too hot and keep the dryer at arms-length to avoid any discomfort to your dog.

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