5 Signs That Your Dog is Pregnant

Puppies are the cutest things that you can look forward to if you are planning to have your pet mate and breed with another dog. However, way before having those cute puppies, you should also be aware of the things that you can expect when your dog is expecting, and you should know the signs that your dog is pregnant.…

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5 Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is In Pain

A simple splinter, falling from the bed, or getting their yearly vaccines, all the whimpers are nightmares to all dog owners. You can really feel your heart drumming from your chest, not only from not knowing what to do but also from not knowing if your dog is in a great deal of pain. Doggiecollective knows all the struggles a…

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5 Signs That Your Dog Is Upset

Signs That Your Dog Is Upset

When you spend a lot of time with your dogs, indeed, you can immediately notice if they had a different mood for that day. Even if your dog used to be very jolly, playful, and energetic, you may come across a time where your dog feels under the weather. The emotions of your fluffy pets are not something very easy…

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5 Ways To Tell That Your Dog is Sad

signs that a dog is sad

Dogs might not be able to tell their owners how they feel, but they still can express their emotions in their own way. When they’re happy, they will be jumping around and wagging their tails non-stop while running in circles. When they’re agitated and provoked, their breathing gets heavy, they start growling, which eventually evolves to loud and forceful barking.…

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3 Sure Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Spending time with your fluffy pets can surely be one of the best ways to release stress after a long day at work or school. When you spend time with your dogs, you tend to strengthen your relationship with them. But, does this feeling reciprocate? Can your dog feel the same way towards you? Let us find out in this…

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