How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every Day?

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need Every Day

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Humans are not the only ones who need daily workouts. Even dogs need some physical activities too, to stay fit and healthy. If you own a dog, perhaps you are already wondering and asking yourself, “how much exercise does a dog need every day?”

You may notice that your puppy is experiencing the so-called ‘zoomies’ condition many times each day. Remarkably, the zoomies are simply identified.

More so, the symptom may include intensely racing all over the place, followed by collapsing into a so-called ‘puppy pile’ preferably on its raiser’s lap.

Does Your Puppy Need Exercise Every Day Too?

More often than not, puppies have more energy than older or adult dogs.

Therefore, they require more physical activities in short bursts as the zoomies do. 

Since puppies constantly grow, including several play sessions or short walks throughout the day is a safer option than going for a really long walk.

This has to be strictly followed as it can be quite challenging on the developing body of your puppy.

Before you know how much exercise does a dog needs every day, it is important to know too, that every puppy is different.

More so, the more time spent with your favorite animal, the more you will learn about the amount of exercise it needs to stay happy.

Tips in Having the Amount of Exercise Your Dog Should Have Each Day

The question, “how much exercise does a dog need every day” is frequently the very first question new pet raisers ask.

Then, the second (and probably another frequently-asked one, of high-energy breeds) is “How does one exercise a dog?”

This question indeed comes along with the number of workouts a dog needs every day.

That is why, these activities, no matter how frequently they’re done, can help you achieve that worry-free dog-raising.


Dogs undoubtedly love to be outdoors, just as much as humans do.

Take your pet on an outdoor adventure or try exploring some trails and new parks in your area.

This kind of exercise is totally and exciting. This is also a perfect time to bond with your dog.

Take the dog to your weekend cycling

If you do this about half an hour every morning, or an hour or two every weekend, then, answers your question of “how much exercise does a dog need every day.”

This exercise may not be appropriate for all dogs, but most of them go with their respective owners each time they ride.

Do some draft work

Here’s the good news! Dogsledding is designed not just specifically for sled dog breeds.

Breeds with larger sizes frequently enjoy the draft work, whether it engages a cart, skijoring, or a sled.

More importantly, these activities are fun for humans, too.


If you want to know how much exercise does a dog need every day, one of the best way to gauge it is by having the dog swim regularly.

Most of these creatures love the water and this activity will help them with their joint problems as it involves just a low-impact workout.


This activity need not be boring. Shake up the fetch routine of your dog by making it run after a ball to retrieve it, or toss it into the water.

You can have Frisbees as an alternative to balls.

Like in humans, dog exercise takes a lot of discipline to do it consistently.

The best tip is to have fun with your dog while performing an exercise routine daily just to make it easier.

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