Why Do Dogs Dig Holes?

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It might be a beautiful sunny day, and you got an idea to give your dog breath of fresh air so you let him run around your landscaped garden.

But all of a sudden, he became a garden tool and starts aggressively digging holes.

Now you are left with a messy garden and asking, why do dogs dig holes?

Not so fun! There are several reasons why your dog often does this. And the first step to stop them from doing so is by understanding your dog’s actions.

Why do dogs dig holes? They are trying to escape!

Dogs are playful curious creatures. And one thing that all dogs enjoy is walking around the outside world.

So if you usually tie them near the fence and they see all the busy things going around, this will give them an urge to have a little getaway.

What to do: Do not leave your dog alone in your yard for most fences don’t start below the ground and your dog might be able to escape.

Walk them more often and bury a chicken wire below your fence at least one foot deep to be sure that your beloved canine won’t be able to escape.

It’s in their genes

Some dog breeds like Jack Russell Terrier, Dachshund, Cairn terrier, Miniature schnauzer, and other hunting dogs were specifically bred to look for prey.

What to do: If you’re a proud owner of a hunting dog then you should not be surprised to see their love for digging, for this behavior will come out every now and then.

Instead, provide them with a digging pit to save your beautiful green garden from all the mess.

They’re feeling bored

Dogs are pack animals and they enjoy a company from their favorite human.

If you always leave your dog alone for long hours, for example, when you go to work, then it feels almost like torture to them.

And if persists, it might lead to separation anxiety.

What to do: Stimulate your dogs with a variety of toys so they have something to do to occupy their time.

Try playing with them before you leave to drain their excess energy and eventually it will make them tired and sleepy.

They’re hiding their prized possession

From their favorite food to your hair ties, sometimes dogs adore items so much that they want to hide it from predators (even if there’s none).

This behavior is instinctual and more often seen from their wild ancestors.

What to do: Give your dog bite-sized treats instead of large servings to prevent them from burying excess food.

You can also give them a chew toy while they are staying indoors so that they don’t have the opportunity of digging.

Once your dog got bored with it, take it away so that he won’t bury and hide it from you.

No one wants a yard full of pits. It is frustrating indeed, but keep in mind that you should never punish a dog because of their digging.

This will not stop the problem, but rather make it worse.

Practice positive reinforcement and direct your dog’s attention to something more productive.

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